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A stroke survivor dedicated to helping people with disabilities live full lives.

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Commending Paul Berger

 Paul Named Virginia Advocate of the Year
AHA's "You're the Cure" Honor
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 Fairfax Caregiver

References and Resources
 Suggested by Paul Berger

Stroke survivors can use the Internet—I do!

There are many resources, products, references and tools available to help you regain your life and achieve your goals.  Click here for reviews of the products and books I use everyday. Click here to learn about screen reader software and the accessibility features of our website. Here are the company websites I visit often.

Companies Founded in January of 1993, our company specializes in providing literature update services through weekly e-mail updates customized to each reader's specified areas of interest and Web sites built for medical librarians and health care and health information professionals. Doody Enterprises also specializes in providing timely, expert reviews of newly published books and software in the health sciences. To provide these unique information services, Doody Enterprises has forged successful relationships with more than 250 book and software publishers in the health sciences; about 5,000 academic medical professionals who form our network of expert reviewers. Medscape's mission to provide clinicians and other healthcare professionals with the most timely comprehensive and relevant clinical information to improve patient care; to make the clinician's task of information gathering simpler, more fruitful, and less time-consuming; and to provide physicians with the educational tools needed to stay current in their practice.   The Thomson Corporation is a leading global provider of integrated information solutions to business and professional customers. Thomson provides value-added information, with software tools and applications that help its customers make better decisions, faster. We serve more than 20 million information users in the fields of law, tax, accounting, higher education, reference information, corporate e-learning and assessment, financial services, scientific research and healthcare. Welcome to WebMD Corporation: the leader in providing services that help physicians, consumers, providers and health plans navigate the complexity of the healthcare system. Our products and services streamline administrative and clinical processes, promote efficiency and reduce costs by facilitating information exchange, communication and electronic transactions between healthcare participants. Aetna-Harvard Medical School InteliHealth for technical medical information. “In August 2000, Harvard Medical School, one of the world's preeminent institutions in medical education and research, became the flagship medical-content partner of InteliHealth.” The Merck Manuals online provide professional and consumer references on diseases and treatments. “Merck is committed to providing excellent medical information, and as part of that effort, Merck provides all of The Merck Manuals on a not-for-profit basis as a service to the community.” We're obviously different from most news sites in that we're looking for happy stories only. Plus, let's be honest, there are some days when we have just "had enough" and need a pick-me-up. Hopefully this site accomplishes that I live life with a nueromuscular condition that leaves my hands weak and with diminished strength, dexderity and sensation. Over the years I have developed many copping techniques, tips and tricks. Revolution Health Group is a leading consumer-centric health company founded to transform how people approach their overall health and wellness. Medical News Today is owned by MediLexicon International Ltd. It is the largest independent health and medical news website on the Internet. Medical News Today is updated with more than 60 articles every day. National Rehabilitation Information Center Web site, our gateway to an abundance of disability- and rehabilitation-oriented information organized in a variety of formats designed to make it easy for users to find and use. MapQuest, Inc. offers Internet, wireless and business mapping applications that help people find places and get there. is a leading search engine on the Web. Millions of people turn to to get what they are looking for online everyday. strives to provide people with disabilities the tools and guidance you need to live active, engaged lives. ScienceDaily is one of the Internet's  leading online magazines and Web portals devoted to science, technology, and medicine. offers an authentic community infused with compelling content from experts on health, parenting, pregnancy, beauty, style, fitness, relationships, food and entertainment. To serve as a platform for provocative ideas, thoughts, and solutions in the health sphere. The disability statistics on this website are estimated by Cornell University using the Current Population Survey and the Census 2000. The GettingHired Mission: To create sustainable employment growth and opportunity for people with disabilities. DisaboomJobs is the leading online resource for jobs for people with disabilities. Create your profile, upload your resume, and showcase your skills to potential employers today. Driving Aids Development Corporation designs, builds, and markets devices that enable a vehicle to be driven with ease, satisfaction, and enhanced safety by persons with disabilities. M. Quinn Designs completed the “Innovative Model of Living.” The model illustrates the incorporation of accessibility features in a retrofit environment and the use of multiple lighting techniques to demonstrate how good lighting can mitigate the effects of some visual impairments. Explore all of their websites to assist you with your personal journey towards greater success, happiness, health and well being. SpeakinMotion is an innovative application of video technology to facilitate and improve communication abilities for speech-impaired individuals. Following close-up video of mouth movements allows these individuals to speak full sentences. AbilityTrip is a centralized resource for accessible travel information – a travel guide – for the community of disabled travelers and their companions. For the physically challenged traveler, locating information on the accessibility of a destination is imperative for planning a safe, enjoyable outing, vacation, or business trip. Lumosity is a subscription-based, web-based application that uses a wide range of games and exercises(Speed, Memory, Attention, Flexibility, and Problem Solving) all with the intent to improve cognitive abilities, especially of aging people. Think Beyond the Label is committed to making the business case for employing people with disabilities. Our goal is simple: to raise awareness that hiring people with disabilities makes good business sense.  The Medical House is a distributor of the highest quality products in home health care and rehabilitation to enable people to remain active and maximize their independence at home. We offer among the many categories of products. source for Hidden Picture Flashcard Game for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division. Provides math problems & answers, with score for correct, attempted & percent answered. We at Healthy Dining are passionate about finding and promoting menu choices with vibrant fruits and vegetables, hearty whole grains and flavorful lean proteins at every restaurant. AbleData provides objective information on assistive technology and rehabilitation equipment available from domestic and international sources to consumers, organizations, professionals, and caregivers within the United States. We serve the nation's disability, rehabilitation, and senior communities. If you have any concerns about getting to your polling place, or using the voting equipment, I think you'll appreciate this easy to read guide published by AbleData, "Voting Success for People with Disabilities, a resource dedicated to accessible travel information. This new site will provide you with information on businesses from around the world that specialize in disability travel. TalkPath News an online news source for individuals with aphasia who need help reading, listening, or comprehending the daily news Take files with me with Dropbox- I have a subscription to Dropbox "cloud" sharing service on my home computer, on Stephanie's computer, and on both our phones. We can add photos, documents or other files at home and open them on the phone. The VersaCart Transit Utility Cart transports up to 120 pounds, it's made of water-resistant heavy duty canvas, patented rugged steel frame construction for strength and durability, double front swivel wheels for maneuverability and double rear wheels for stability. Not only does it fit more groceries, it's very easy for me to push and steer with one hand. It folds easily for convenient storage in tight places.  Pandora has a free program with ads ,and a subscription without ads.

Stroke Survivor

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You are marvels!  I just read the newsletter ... and it is simply priceless (I always read them, and they are all noteworthy, but this one is beyond good.)  Paul, your book is in my book as something that all clinicians should have, read, pass on (ie, make them buy) to their clients.
 -Audrey Holland, Professor Emerita,University of Arizona

I came across your website today and just wanted to congratulate you on providing a helpful resource for stroke survivors and healthcare professionals.
     -Marisca Baldwin, The Pat Arato Aphasia Centre, Toronto,,Canada

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