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Commending Paul Berger

 Paul Named Virginia Advocate of the Year
AHA's "You're the Cure" Honor
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Stroke survivors can use the Internet—I do!

There are many resources, products, references and tools available to help you regain your life and achieve your goals.  Click here for reviews of the products and books I use everyday. Click here to learn about screen reader software and the accessibility features of our website. Here are the stroke & aphasia association websites I visit often.

Stroke & Aphasia Associations The National Aphasia Association is a nonprofit organization that promotes public education, research, rehabilitation and support services to assist people with aphasia and their families. The American Stroke Association is the division of the American Heart Association focused on reducing disability and death from stroke through research, education, and advocacy.  The Aphasia Hope Foundation is a non-profit foundation that promotes research into the prevention and cure of aphasia, and promotes  awareness of available treatments.  The National Stroke Association provides information for survivors & professionals. The Internet Stroke Center is a non-profit, educational service of the Stroke Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Washington University Medical Center and the Cerebrovascular Diseases Section of the Department of Neurology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. The Internet Stroke Center exists to advance understanding of stroke research and clinical care.  Our goal is to provide current, professional, un-biased information about stroke. The information on this site is obtained from published accounts, meeting presentations, internet searches, and direct correspondence. The DANA Foundation provides information about brain research, including strokes and brain injuries, and more than 25 other brain conditions, with links to resources, researchers, and publications.  The DANA Press offers books and free publications, and sponsors the annual Brain Awareness Week in March. Stroke Trials Registry, a continuously updated registry of randomized clinical trials in stroke and cerebrovascular disease. Easter Seals has been helping individuals with disabilities and special needs, and their families, live better lives for more than 80 years. You have discovered the premiere aphasia recovery self-help website for people who want to talk again SAFE (Stroke Awareness for Everyone, Inc.) is an international Internet-centered coalition of stroke survivors and their families, in addition to doctors, nurses and therapists involved with stroke. Since 1996 we have provided on-line stroke support and information to well over 250,000 visitors to the site The NINDS began developing the Know Stroke campaign to help educate the public about the symptoms of stroke and the importance of getting to the hospital quickly To empower people who are affected by aphasia to access and negotiate the services and opportunities they need for a better life.

. Welcome to the Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association, CHASA, the first non-profit organization in North America to offer information and support to families of infants, children, and young adults who have hemiplegia or hemiplegic cerebral palsy  A new Web site for heart and stroke patients and their families and caregivers to find lifesaving information is, and stocked with tools, resources, and information on an array of heart conditions. Connect is a charity for people living with aphasia, a communication disability which usually occurs after stroke.We aim to improve the lives of people living with aphasia and communication disability, equipping them to re-connect with life.  World Health Organization has produced for the wider audience, "The Atlas of Heart Disease and Stroke".The atlas addresses the global epidemic of heart disease and stroke in a clear and accessible format. Aphasia World. On this blog we will periodically publish information that's relevant to people with aphasia, caregivers, and speech therapists.Aphasia Corner will be an online service for people affected by aphasia. The Brain Aneurysm Foundation developed from a close relationship between  patients and healthcare professionals who identified the need for comprehensive information and support for brain aneurysm patients, their families, and the medical community. The Canadian Stroke Network’s mission is to reduce the impact of stroke on Canadians through collaborations that create valuable new knowledge in stroke; to ensure the best knowledge is applied; and to build Canadian capacity in stroke. The Australian Aphasia Association (AAA) is a support and advocacy association for people with aphasia, their families and the professionals who help them. The Aphasia Recovery Connection is supported by Christine Huggins and David Dow. This site is designed for people with aphasia, their friends, their families and professionals. The Stroke Foundation is the only organisation in New Zealand dedicated to reducing the incidence of stroke, improving treatment outcomes, and supporting those affected by stroke. Stroke Association is the leading charity in the UK changing the world for people affected by stroke. Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland improves the quality of life for people in Scotland affected by chest, heart and stroke illness, through medical research, influencing public policy, advice and information and support in the community. The Neeman Association for Stroke Survivors was established in the Greater Haifa Area in 1996 by a group of patients and their families with the purpose of providing a response to the unique needs of stroke victims and their families or -The major outcome from research within the Clinical Centre for Research Excellence (CCRE) will be the development of the Australian Aphasia Clinical Pathway in close collaboration with speech pathologists and consumers. The need for an overarching aphasia organisation grew from the realisation that there was a lack of integrated international strategy for the advancement of aphasia science and services. Aphasia United was developed to drive change by uniting the global aphasia community through a strategic plan and shared vision. The Stroke Belt Consortium (SBC)  represents all  types of health care providers, including physicians, NPs/PAs, therapists, pharmacists, and others in academic, private practice, or industry. Our goal is to bring together the key leaders from these various groups to tackle and solve some of the major issues related to stroke care, treatment, prevention, and education as it affects the Stroke Belt region and its citizens.  YoungStroke is an American advocacy organization formed to specifically address the unmet needs of young adult stroke survivors and their caregivers. We support our mission through research and education, to change the way others view stroke.   The Stroke Foundation is Australian   not-for-profit organisation working across the stroke journey, supporting stroke survivors, carers, health professionals, governments and the public to reduce the impact of stroke on the Australian community. The publication of the Life Participation Approaches to Aphasia (LPAA) offered a new paradigm. Aphasia centers and innovative clinical programs around North America began to embrace LPAA values. Aphasia Access is meeting this need Lingraphica’s TalkPath™ News is an online news source for individuals who need help reading, listening or comprehending daily news. TalkPath News features news from around the world, science and technology, education, entertainment, and many more categories Aphasia and Stroke Association of India, a nonprofit service organization, which is committed to promoting  public awareness and support services for people with stroke and/or aphasia. The Duke of Bedford founded The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia to try and ensure that more people could have access to the quality of treatment he received.

Stroke Survivor

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You are marvels!  I just read the newsletter ... and it is simply priceless (I always read them, and they are all noteworthy, but this one is beyond good.)  Paul, your book is in my book as something that all clinicians should have, read, pass on (ie, make them buy) to their clients.
 -Audrey Holland, Professor Emerita,University of Arizona

I came across your website today and just wanted to congratulate you on providing a helpful resource for stroke survivors and healthcare professionals.
     -Marisca Baldwin, The Pat Arato Aphasia Centre, Toronto,,Canada

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